Olympics as Part of Your Forex Trading Strategy?

In August 2012 London runs XXX Olympic Games. Do Olympics affect currencies and is it possible to exploit that in your forex trading strategy? Apparently, Olympics make the currency of the host country stronger. How significant that support is and on what time-frame is the question. Let’s see.

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Posted on Jul 31, 2012

Proprietary Trader Shares His Thoughts

Quite an interesting interview with a proprietary trader, especially its first half. Below are a few excerpts I liked the most with my thoughts on how it applies to retail forex.

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Posted on Apr 15, 2012

MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS X with Wineskin

It was a while back that I attempted to run MetaTrader on Mac. A couple of years past and some new options available warrant a new post. This time I’m using a porting tool called Wineskin. It is based on Wine, same as Codeweavers Crossover we tried last time. Let’s get straight to pros and cons.

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Posted on Apr 01, 2012

Forex scams, lies and hoaxes: 8 signs to look out for

Last weekend I’ve been to a forex seminar. Oh, yes! The one where newcomers are being told anyone can trade forex successfully. That wasn’t the first seminar of this kind I ever attended. But somehow my impression was strikingly different this time warranting a post to sum it up.

The company hosting the seminar has been in this market for a while now. A few years ago I happened to see their stock trading seminar. I never meant to trade stocks, but remember myself walking away with a couple of valuable ideas after the seminar. So I was fairly positive about seeing what they have to offer in Forex domain. Now, what follows is not specifically about the particular company. It is rather about forex coaching products in general. See, be it lies they tell you or truth they don’t, those remain pretty much the same across the board. This is not to say any forex coaching is a hoax. It’s only that the observations below are to help you recognise when it is.

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Posted on Mar 04, 2012

Dirk du Toit’s 4×1 Forex Trading Strategy

Described in his book “Bird watching in lion country”, 4×1 strategy of Dirk du Toit is exactly that, a strategy. I don’t know how popular it is, but it doesn’t prescribes the exact steps a trader should follow. So called median grid trading and relational analysis, applied to 4×1 strategy, provide necessary tactical details to complete the system, but the whole approach is deeply discretionary anyway. What 4×1 strategy does indeed is it defines the edges a trader can acquire in a random market environment. There are four of them (one currency, one direction, one lot and one percent) and added up together they really help a trader to tip the probability scales into his favor.
What you wouldn’t want to do is to interpret them literarily though. The following is my understanding of what they are in fact. I’m not trying to provide you with a complete or detailed description of the system. I rather would like to help those curious about the system to get an idea of its main elements, that are easy to misinterpret at first introduction.

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Posted on Nov 01, 2009